“Before I came to see Teresa I didn’t even want to go to my year 12 formal because my skin was so bad.·But Teresa put me on a healthy eating plan and explained everything so clearly to me so I understood why my skin was reacting the way it was and how she was going to get my skin under control by the end of the year and she did. I ended up going to my formal and I was not embarrassed at all about my skin. Thank you TC”


“I had extreme pain in my shoulders, I was unable to put arms higher than shoulder height. I was unable to do my hair some days or put a T-Shirt over my head. Teresa prescribed the Chinese herb OA/RA and within 2 days I had no pain in my shoulders, able to pull shirts off and on for the first time in a long time. I also didn’t wake up during the night from pain. Was a fantastic result.”


“I heard about Teresa through a friend who knew that I had troubles when it came to regular bowel movements. I had been to see numerous other specialists (Chinese herbalists) who prescribed me to boil Chinese herbs every day and drink them, to which greatly smelt out my house and also tasted disgusting. However, after coming to see Teresa for one week, starting with an intense block on foot detox’s, infra – red saunas and wave therapy I started to become alot more regular. Teresa also started me on some Chinese herbs to which since then I have had no troubles going to the toilet. I now come in to the salon on a maintenance base and am extremely happy with my result. Thank you very much Teresa.”


“I arrived on Mother Teresa’s doorstep with no expectations but having had my third child at 40 I felt like my hormones were completely ‘out of whack’. I was carrying extra body weight and the bottom of my feet were covered in a think yellow callous. I generally felt sluggish, a bit cranky and not myself. Within 4 weeks I have lost a ‘noticable’ amount of weight, I feel so much better and happier and the ugly callous on my feet has completely disappeared. Feels like a miracle to me!!! Thank you Jess and Teresa. Love, light and sunshine to you both!”


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